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Learning the circus arts not only builds strength, but also confidence and the list of benefits is virtually endless. We like to think of our classes as a unique way to get fit while having fun.  As for our company members, they are not only our top notch performers, but also highly qualified coaches in the circus arts.  Many members of our company have trained at prestigious professional circus schools while others have competed and ranked highly in both national and international competitions.  Our home studio is at the Mobtown Ballroom located in Baltimore City.  Please visit their website for class offerings www.mobtownballroom.com 

2019 Session 7 Oct-Dec

Session 7: October 20 - December 21

Sundays Oct 20th-Dec 15th

9-10am Aerial Conditioning NO CLASS 10/20

10-11:15am Beginner Fabric L2 - NO CLASS 10/20

11:15-12:30pm Beginner Fabric L3 NO CLASS 10/20

12:30-1:45pm Beginner Fabric L4- NO CLASS 10/20

6-7:15pm Showcase - NO CLASS 12/1

7:15-8:30pm Showcase - NO CLASS 12/1

8:30-10pm Open Hang

Mondays Oct 21st - Dec 16th

11-12pm Mixed Level Trapeze

5:45-7pm Advanced Fabric

Tuesdays Oct 22nd - Dec 17th

5-6pm Beginner Lyra

6-6:15pm Killer Abs

6:15-7:15pm Advanced Lyra

7:15-8:30pm Intermediate Fabrics Level 1

8:30-9:30pm Cyr Wheel no class 11/12

Wednesdays Oct 23rd - Dec 18th - NO CLASSES 11/27

11-12pm Mixed Level Lyra

5-6:15pm Advanced Trapeze

6:15-7:30pm Skills Drills & Transitions on fabric

Thursdays Oct 24th - Dec 19th - NO CLASSES 11/28

5-6pm Intermediate Lyra

6-7:15pm Beginner Fabrics L1

7:15-8:15pm German Wheel * Must email Kelly Jo to register

8:15-9:30pm Showcase

Friday October 25th- Dec 20th - NO CLASSES 11/29

11-12pm Mixed Level Fabric

5:45-7pm Showcase

Saturdays Oct 26th-Dec 21st - NO CLASSES 11/16 & 30

9-10 Kids Circus

10-11:15 Beginner Fabric Level 5

11:30-12:30 Intermediate Trapeze/Lyra

12:45-1:45pm Strappy Loops no class on 11/23

1:45-2:45pm Mixed Level Sling no class on 11/23

2:45-4 Showcase Open Hang no hang on 11/2 & 11/23

contact Kelly Jo at inthedarkcircusarts@gmail.com with any questions!

Please remember classes sell out often and quickly, so don't hesitate to sign up!

To register for classes - please visit the Mobtown website:

For classes that are sold out - especially Beginner Fabrics 1 and 2, we have overflow class times designated. Please email us to get on the list to join these classes!

For all fabric students - you must complete the skill checklist listed under your current class before moving on to the next level. To move on to the next level please get permission from Kelly Jo or your coach before registering!

 Registration Link: https://mobtownballroom.com/classes/

* Open hang is free for all students currently registered in class. For all others it is $10. For students who have not taken classes at in the dark, you must email us to get permission to take open hang at inthedarkcircusarts@gmail.com. You will either need to take a private lesson with a coach or provide a letter of reference from another circus school where you have trained.

Point rentals are available for students who are looking to add more training time. you must contact Kelly jo for booking.


Tuesday July 2nd 6-8pm

Introduction to aerial dance

At In the Dark Circus Arts we strive that fitness can be fun and accessible to any and everyone via the circus arts. Come out for this one time only aerial dance experience! In this workshop you will get a chance to try the aerial fabrics, Lyra and Trapeze! We will explore how these apparatuses are used for fitness, fun and flight! Toss your fears aside and come join us. No experience is necessary to run away with the circus!

Registration link: https://mobtownballroom.com/event/show/1390

Saturday July 13th - Workshops with Big teeth performance collective!

Big Teeth is a collective of performers who vision and create through physical inquiry and a wide, kaleidoscopic queer lens. Our experiences as birth workers, farmers, anthropologists, and public health researchers reverberate throughout our work as acrobats, thespians, dancers, and choreographers. Our collaborations are athletic, conceptual, feminist, concrete, interrogative, and bursting with desire.

Coaches: Catherine Jett, Jessica Hill, Molly Graves and Naomi Ullian. Please find out more about them here: https://smalldangersdance.com/big-teeth/

These fabulous women are bringing their talents to teach you some amazing things!

Fission & Fusion: Split-fabric Explorations (Int/Adv Aerial Fabric)

This workshop is intended for the Intermediate & Advanced student. We will focus on creative transitions that require navigation between single and double pole work on the fabric. Short choreographic sequences will serve as points of departure for collective brainstorming and exploration. Expand your split-fabric navigational skills, challenge your creative compass and remember -- All who wander are not lost! Pre-reqs: Students should have a regular practice on aerial fabric, able to do 1-2 pull-ups, invert repeatedly & execute clean hip keys in the air.
Register here: https://mobtownballroom.com/event/show/1386

Collaborative Creation + Partner Acrobatics
Members of Big Teeth Performance Collective
will be facilitating a unique workshop focusing on the intersection of partner acrobatics and experiments in physical theater, for the purposes of building ensemble performance. Students may expect warm up, improvisation, partnering, theater exercises, and the creation of short choreographies. Pre-reqs: Participants should have some physical and/or acrobatic practice.
Register here: https://mobtownballroom.com/event/show/1389

Exploration of Dance Trapeze

In this workshop, we’ll take our fundamental trapeze vocabulary and expand it in three dimensions! Topics explored will be low-flying, circling, swinging, spinning, and translation from static trapeze. This workshop is intended aerialists with trapeze experience. Pre-requisites: Unspotted knee hang, unspotted pullover, one pull-up.
Register here: https://mobtownballroom.com/event/show/1387

Hand Stands & Inversion Technique
In this workshop students of all levels have the opportunity to explore the ways that body alignment, core stability, + the many ways of pushing intersect to help us stay upside down. Pre-requisites: practicing kicking up against a wall; all levels welcome.
Register here: https://mobtownballroom.com/event/show/1388

special event!!! July 13th

In the Dark Circus Arts is pleased to host Big Teeth's July 2019 tour of Ordinary Creatures...revised, revamped, and with exciting new acrobatics. Were you at the show last fall? Come back and see four (extra)ordinary women confront femininity and monstrosity larger and louder.

Ordinary Creatures is a show about monsters: those within us, the kind that grow out of the ground, those we see in others, the ones who wear lipstick, hide in the cellar, who aren't sorry, the ones we wont admit to and those we unwittingly create. Through physical narrative, aerial acrobatics, vibrant ensemble exploration, dance, and more questions than answers, we explore monstrosity in all its glittering facets.

Performers include Molly Graves, Naomi Ullian, Jess Hill, and Catherine Jett.

Doors at 6:30pm, Show at 7:30pm.

Pre-show performances by students of In the Dark Circus Arts.

Tickets are $20.

If not sold out in advance, tickets will be available at the door, CASH ONLY

Please note: The performance runs approximately one hour long with no intermission. While appropriate for all ages, Ordinary Creatures is intended for a teen and adult audience.

Full tour info at https://smalldangersdance.com/big-teeth/

The performance makes you think, makes you feel human, makes you exuberant in your body. Highly recommend." - audience member Robin B., Ithaca, NY

Mobtown Ballroom has a full bar some come early to partake in some delicious cocktails to kick off your Saturday night the right way. Parking is neighborhood street parking and usually plentiful, though we always encourage using Lyft or Uber.

For more information, please feel free to contact In the Dark Circus Arts at inthedarkcircusarts@gmail.com.

Ticket Link: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4268683

For questions please email Kelly Jo at inthedarkcircusarts@gmail.com

To register for classes please visit our registration page under the aerial dance tab at www.mobtownballroom.com. Private lessons also available.  Please email us at inthedarkcircusarts@gmail.com to set up an appointment.



"Before discovering aerials, there weren't many fitness outlets that I really enjoyed. Now, I train with Kelly Jo every week and am dedicated to practicing because I love it so much – I can actually do pull-ups! Aerial-dance is extremely satisfying because you can challenge yourself through physical and mental goals that you never felt were possible; and be artistic at the same time. Kelly Jo is a great and inspiring trainer that helps me push my boundaries every day! "--Dani Baer


A story on circus arts and physical fitness!  Have a look and see what it is like to learn circus arts!

Learning the aerial fabrics

Learning the aerial fabrics