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Learning the circus arts not only builds strength, but also confidence and the list of benefits is virtually endless. We like to think of our classes as a unique way to get fit while having fun.  As for our company members, they are not only our top notch performers, but also highly qualified coaches in the circus arts.  Many members of our company have trained at prestigious professional circus schools while others have competed and ranked highly in both national and international competitions.  Our home studio is at the Mobtown Ballroom located in Baltimore City.  Please visit their website for class offerings www.mobtownballroom.com 

2019 Session 1 January Schedule

Session 1: Jan 6-Feb 3

Sundays Jan 6-Feb 3
9-10 Beginner Trapeze/Lyra 
10-11:15am Beginner Fabric L3 
11:15-12:30pm Beginner Fabric L5 
6:15-7:30pm Beginner Fabric L2 
7:30-8:30pm Aerial Technique

Mondays Jan 7-28
11-12pm Mixed Level Trapeze
5:45-7pm Intermediate Fabric L2 

Tuesdays Jan 8-20
5-6pm Beginner Lyra 
6-6:15pm Killer Abs 
6:15-7:15pm Intermediate Lyra 
7:15-8:30pm Intermediate Fabric L1 
8:30-9:30pm Cyr Wheel

Wednesdays Jan 9-30
5-6:15pm Advanced Trapeze 
6:15-7:30pm Fabric Choreography

Thursdays Jan 10-31
11-12pm Mixed Level Lyra 
4-5pm Kids Circus 
5-6pm Advanced Lyra 
6-7:15pm Beginner Fabric L1 
7:15-8:30pm Advanced Fabric
8:45-9:45pm Sling 

Fridays Jan 11- Feb 1
11-12pm Mixed Level Fabric 
5:45-6:45 Aerial Conditioning 

Saturdays Jan 12 - Feb 2
10-11am German Wheel **
10-11:15am Beginner Fabric L4**
11-12pm German Wheel **
11:15-12:30pm Strappy Loops **
12:30-1:30pm Intermediate Trapeze/Lyra 
1:30-2:30pm Kids Circus

** Must email Kelly Jo to register at inthedarkcircusarts@gmail.com

Please remember classes sell out often and quickly, so don't hesitate to sign up!

To register for classes - please visit the Mobtown website:

For any questions on registration, please email Kelly Jo at inthedarkcircusarts@gmail.com

For classes that are sold out - especially Beginner Fabrics 1 and 2, we have overflow class times designated. Please email us to get on the list to join these classes!

For all fabric students - you must complete the skill checklist listed under your current class before moving on to the next level. To move on to the next level please get permission from Kelly Jo or your coach before registering!


Registration Link: https://mobtownballroom.com/classes/

* Open hang is free for all students currently registered in class. For all others it is $10. For students who have not taken classes at in the dark, you must email us to get permission to take open hang at inthedarkcircusarts@gmail.com. You will either need to take a private lesson with a coach or provide a letter of reference from another circus school where you have trained.

Point rentals are available for students who are looking to add more training time. you must contact Kelly jo for booking.


December 1st 2018

1:30-3:30pm - Low Fly Aerial Dance

Attention to any and all students that have said: “I want to move more fluidly!”, “what do i do with my arms?” “I love the air but I have no idea what to do on the ground!”, “WHAT ARE TRANSITIONS?! HALP!!” This is the workshop for you. We will be working on how to move from ground to air and back through movement and dance. Starting with a short dance warm up to roll, turn, and move then create choreography while low to the ground. We will have a variety of apparatus available including: trapeze, lyra, sling, and fabric to better understand the relationship from ground to air. This workshop is for all levels, and especially for anyone interested in performing at a showcase. All hard apparatus will be used!  Must have taken 2 sessions of aerial dance to participate. Taught by Tom Martin & Danielle George

Register here: https://mobtownballroom.com/event/show/1356

December 15th 2018

1:30-3pm - Beginner German Wheel with Chris Delgado

Take a ride on the wild side as we roll our way into the wonderful world of wheel.  Students will start off in belts - you will be upside down for the first trick in class!  Moving on to the Monkey Roll, Free Seats Forward and Standing on Top of the Wheel (the easiest way to impress your audience!). We will also explore some doubles moves with the infamous Teeter Totter!  No experience necessary!  Please bring hard soled, canvas topped shoes (like Keds or Converse) for German Wheel.  For questions, please email inthedarkcircusarts@gmail.com

Register here: https://mobtownballroom.com/event/show/1357

3-5pm - Intermediate German Wheel with Chris Delgado

Must have previous German Wheel experience to take this workshop!  We will be learning new straight-line moves that will add a bit of funk and flair into your rolling!  Pre-Req's - Pull up to Free Seats and Front Balance Forwards.  For questions, please email inthedarkcircusarts@gmail.com

Register here: https://mobtownballroom.com/event/show/1358

5:30-6:30pm - Supreme Spiral Success on the German Wheel with Chris Delgado

We'll take you from zero to hero in this topsy­turvy workshop! One of the three disciplines of wheel, spiral is the most mesmerizing and unique. You'll learn to spin, roll, and turn on one rim, while having an insanely good time! We will start with the most basic wheel manipulation (washing machine!) to gain control of the wheel. Moving on to Cowboy (straddle) spiral! Giddy­ap! With proper technique, you'll be on your way to the rodeo in no time! One­-on­-one coaching in small spiral will allow you to complete the move (and look awesome!) while staying firmly in the safety zone. WIN! Get a taste of Big Spiral! Complete large circles in the wheel, and master correct positioning for speedy, sassy, and safe spirals every time. Tackle counter­intuitive body alignment, wonky arm positioning, and head games to keep your big wheel turning. Worried about getting dizzy? Don't be. Not even an issue with spiral!

Please bring hard soled, canvas topped shoes (like Keds or Converse) for German Wheel.  For questions, please email inthedarkcircusarts@gmail.com

Register here: https://mobtownballroom.com/event/show/1359

December 22nd 1:30-3:30pm

Introduction to Aerial Dance Workshop

At In the Dark Circus Arts we show that fitness can be fun and accessible to any and everyone via the circus arts. Come out for this one time only aerial dance experience! In this workshop you will get a chance to try the aerial fabrics, Lyra and Trapeze! We will explore how these apparatuses are used for fitness, fun and flight! Toss your fears aside and come join us. No experience is necessary to run away with the circus!  For questions, please email inthedarkcircusarts@gmail.com

Register here: https://mobtownballroom.com/event/show/1360

December 29th 10-12pm & 12-2pm

Invented Apparatus Workshop

Come out and get creative on some of In the Dark Circus Arts favorite apparatuses - the aerial cube, moon, spiral and lyre. Think of this class as your aerial playground - we will explore movement, static poses, spin, mounting techniques, partner work and much more on these intriguing shapes. Students must have taken at least 3 months of aerial training to take the workshop. Please send questions to inthedarkcircusarts@gmail.com.  Taught by Kelly Jo

register here: https://mobtownballroom.com/event/show/1361

January 5th 12:30-1:30pm

Kids & Parents Aerial Dance Workshop

Looking for an activity for your children that is active and creative? Are you kids interested in aerial dance and the circus arts? Then come on out and give it a try with your children! In this workshop we will be exploring the aerial apparatuses in a safe and creative environment.  All participants will learn flashy skills that you see under the big top, spin, twirl and most importantly find your inner super star!  Workshop is appropriate for children ages 6+.  Please wear clothes that you would for sporty activities such as a tight fitting shirt, leggings, workout pants that cover down to mid calf and have your feet exposed.  If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Jo at inthedarkcircusarts@gmail.com

Register here: https://mobtownballroom.com/event/show/1362

For questions please email Kelly Jo at inthedarkcircusarts@gmail.com

To register for classes please visit our registration page under the aerial dance tab at www.mobtownballroom.com. Private lessons also available.  Please email us at inthedarkcircusarts@gmail.com to set up an appointment.



"Before discovering aerials, there weren't many fitness outlets that I really enjoyed. Now, I train with Kelly Jo every week and am dedicated to practicing because I love it so much – I can actually do pull-ups! Aerial-dance is extremely satisfying because you can challenge yourself through physical and mental goals that you never felt were possible; and be artistic at the same time. Kelly Jo is a great and inspiring trainer that helps me push my boundaries every day! "--Dani Baer


A story on circus arts and physical fitness!  Have a look and see what it is like to learn circus arts!

 Learning the aerial fabrics

Learning the aerial fabrics