School Shows


School Assembly shows

In the Dark circus arts loves performing for children.  our company offers 3 shows that we bring into the school systems.  Each are different but all bring the art of circus, showmanship, comedy and much more!  For bookings please email Kelly Jo at or call 410-382-9509


The Circular Spectacular

A one woman show with amazing acts in hula hoops, cyr wheel and German wheel. Involves audience participation. Running time ~20-25 minutes.


Two Clowns, A Thousand Laughs

Circus Duo with five acts including; Cyr Wheel, Chair Balance, Clowning, Parter Acrobatics, Hula Hooping and Spinning Cube. Involves some audience participation. Running time ~30 minutes. 


Under the Big Top

This is our Famous show that involves aerial acrobatics on our free standing rig. We amaze the students with acrobatic feats on the Spinning Trapeze, Fabrics, Hoop along with a Cyr Wheel and Chair Balancing Act. Running time ~30 minutes.